Only a few weeks ago we spoke in front of our parish in 2 mass’s for CAFOD’s Lenten appeal . This was after the main service and was to raise awareness of both the affects we had personally, through Mowdud  ,seen of CAFOD’s work and to raise awareness of the amazing opportunity we have this year from the UK government, Who have agreed to match pound for pound and double all donations given for the appeal up to £5 million!

Now although this seems a bit late to be telling you about it, after the two talks we were informed about how much we had raised. A whopping £4,142.89 which is all going towards CAFOD’s work with partners in countries across the world. And this is only made better by the fact it will all be doubled by the government so CAFOD will actually receive somewhere between£8,000 and £9,000! Making me think if those two talks from us, and one from our youth group leader, can make that much difference why won’t everyone stand up, it might be a it nerve racking but if us giving up 15 minutes can help that much it is definitely worth the effort!


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