British Weather

The weather. In England, no weather is good enough for us. It’s either too cold or too hot. Too wet or too dry. Whereas people on the other side of the globe deal with extreme weather conditions on a daily basis, yet don’t complain. And these conditions aren’t just a little bit of rain, or the weather just reaching 30oC on the thermometer. These are serious conditions, which wreck homes and destroy precious crops leaving families with no food.

Now imagine going home, discovering it’s not there and nor is that snack you wanted. Here you would probably be all over the news, and get full compensation. There, it’s no change from everyday life. We spend our money on things we don’t really use, like that T-Shirt, which looked so great on that model, but you never wear. Wasted money like that could change a person’s life when they lose everything.
Emer and Leah
Snow Snow


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